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Mark Pattison profile headshot
Mark Pattison
Working with Joe has given PorchLight the needed clarity to outpace our industry. His ability to uncover gaps and provide immediate solutions with guidance is incomparable. We have transformed our entire leadership team, allowing us to provide world-class experiences. I'm looking forward to continue breaking the barrier around what's possible for growth!
Chad Hedrick profile headshot
Chad Hedrick
Joe has been instrumental for Gold to Sold Group as we've scaled our business and built our team. He enabled me to offer true value to our agents and guided us in creating a predictable business. We have experienced the importance in following a proven business model. We are also very grateful and going to double our business this year!
Rima Rafeh profile headshot
Rima Rafeh
My coaching journey with Joe has been phenomenal. His coaching style is very simple and systematic, which actually makes it easy to follow and grow. We have been able to follow the strategies in the roadmap he put together at the beginning of the year. It's been almost a year of coaching with Joe and it's been an amazing experience.
Tanner Tillung profile headshot
Tanner Tillung
Coach Joe is the fast lane to grow your business with the right systems and structure. From our first session together, I realized this would be unlike any other coaching. Joe has shown us exactly how to double our business within the first year of coaching and our results prove it. He has proven strategies that will bring your business to the next level immediately.
Gary Massa profile headshot
Gary Massa
When I met Coach Joe, I felt like I was chasing my tail. With his hands-on approach, we immediately saw results with team growth and development. His support with resources and collaboration with leaders has been a game-changer. We've gained immense clarity with our operations department to better support the team. Now, my vision for my business and the path to get there is clearer than ever.
Kara Kay profile headshot
Kara Kay
Since I've met Joe and his community, they have been instrumental in helping me see a bigger vision. His dedication to his clients and our individual successes has given me a boost in my business. I've had the opportunity to host events and see his vision come to life. I'm excited and looking forward to experiencing everything he continues to offer!
John Finley profile headshot
John Finley
We are so delighted to be working with Coach Joe. He made an immediate impact on our business. We are getting more listings and doing more deals. He keeps things simple and keeps us focused on revenue-generating activities. His insights into how to build and grow real estate businesses are proving to be invaluable to us.
Kyle Draper profile headshot
Kyle Draper
Coaching with Joe has been a complete game-changer for me. I am convinced there is no better coach out there for growing a real estate team and business. His track record of doubling his clients' businesses every year is astounding. I no longer have to waste time, money and energy trying to guess the right path to move my busines forward. Joe is the real deal, and I couldn't be more certain that he is the coach to take me to 1,000 deals a year.
Christy Lundy profile headshot
Christy Lundy
I've had many coaches over the years, and Joe has been the most detailed and action-oriented coach. Since working with him, we've already doubled the size of our team and systemized our business. We're on track to exceed our goals this year, and I've never enjoyed my business more than I do working with Coach Joe!
Kevin DaSilva profile headshot
Kevin DaSilva
Coach Joe has helped transform my real estate practice into a real business. He listened to what I wanted to build, and then constructed a roadmap for how to grow my team. I followed his lead, and now have a top team in the Los Angeles area. We’re up 200% this year over last year with my team contributing more and more to that. Thank you Joe for finally making success easy.
John Hodina profile headshot
John Hodina
Coach Joe has helped me build the unbreakable foundation I needed to scale and build my team. Joe provides a custom plan with the systems and processes needed to double your business. I recommend Coach Joe to anyone who is ready and serious about true growth.
Adrianne Baird profile headshot
Adrianne Baird
Joe is amazing! I've been working with him for only a few months and he has already made a large impact on my real estate business! My mindset has completely shifted with his knowledge and insight around growing businesses. He offers a proven model and the right strategies for any stage of the business as you grow. I'm confident my business will continue to reach new heights with his coaching!
Nelson Cantu profile headshot
Nelson Cantu
After being in other coaching programs for 4 years, I attended a training with Joe that changed my views. I realized I was only receiving accountability, rather than how to scale my business. His ability to offer detailed strategies at every stage of the business has been helpful for my team. Since I've joined Coach Joe, I've already had a change of perspective building my team and business.
Mia	Takami profile headshot
Mia Takami
Coach Joe takes a very practical and systematic approach in taking your business to a next level. I used to get overwhelmed with growing my business and balancing everything. It was been priceless to be able to address any problems with solutions that work! Our weekly coaching with action plans have helped us stay in a clear and efficient path to hit our goals. He has also introduced us to a great community of top agents, where we are able to collaborate for success!
Justin Borges profile headshot
Justin Borges
To be honest, Coach Joe has changed my life. Since coaching with Joe, my business continues to grow beyond my initial expectations. Even before I believed in myself, he believed in me. His coaching has given me the roadmap to get to the next level! Thanks Joe!
Hannah	Kuhami profile headshot
Hannah Kuhami
Coaching with Joe has been rewarding. I have learned how to communicate with my team and reflect on my own leadership skills. Joe guides us with clear and concise action plans on how to build a strong foundation and grow our business. He develops each team member's strengths and natural abilities to impact the business. My only regret is not hiring Joe when I first started my career in real estate.
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